Guest Editors’ Introduction

  • Giovanni Schiuma Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics, University of Basilicata, Italy
  • Sergey A. Yablonsky Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University, Russia


The special issue “Management and Innovations in Digital Age” of Russian Management Journal combines three research articles. They provide an opportunity to reflect on the management research of digital multi-sided platforms and digital commerce that have influenced the global economy and transform many businesses as well as industry sectors.


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Avdasheva S. B., Korneeva V. D. 2019. Does competition enforcement prevent competitive strategies of digital platforms: Evidence from BRICS. Russian Management Journal 17 (4): 547–568.

Videlaine G., Scaringella L. 2019. Online repurchase intention: Empirical study on the household equipment market. Russian Management Journal 17 (4): 569–590.

Yablonsky A. S. 2019. Multi-sided platforms: Current state and future research. Russian Management Journal 17 (4): 519–546.

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Schiuma, G., & Yablonsky, S. A. (2020). Guest Editors’ Introduction. Российский журнал менеджмента, 17(4), 517–518.
Special Section: Management and Innovations in the Digital Age

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